Welcome to our blog! We are so excited to be in this Journey with you and look forward to sharing each moment. We have never done a blog before, so this in itself will be a learning experience. We feel so blessed to have your support and prayers. We pray that we are able to fully learn and surrender to this process of being molded and seeking God's will for our lives. Thank you for joining the Journey.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Israel Safe and exhausted!

Just received a quick note from Jason.  He is safe and seems to be having a good time.  He did mention that he is quite exhausted due to all the time changes and he can't seem to sleep when he needs to.  I'm sure he will have all of that cleared up by the time he heads back home :). 

Please continue to keep him and the group in your prayers.

The Israel Journey has begun...no word yet.

Jason is currently in Israel.  His hope is to post as many blogs as possible along the way, however, we have yet to hear from him, so I'm not sure what opportunities he will have to do so. 

Please keep him and his seminary group in your prayers.  I will give any updates that I receive. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011


We just wanted to take a moment to praise God for providing all that He has in our lives.  We are officially at Goal for Jason's Stewardship Trip to Israel.  We want to thank everyone who has committed this to prayer, we greatly appreciate your partnership in this journey.  We also want to thank everyone who financially sponsored Jason, we are humbled by your support and generosity.  To date, this internship has been a great journey that has challenged us and forced us to dig deeper within our relationship with Christ.  It has been hard at times, but so rewarding.  We have discovered so many beautiful hearts for the Lord and feel tremendously blessed to be in the position that we are in.  Thank you so much for all of your love, support, encouragement, faith, and prayers.  You all have truly blessed us so much.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Small Group is Born!

This week marks the beginning of a new small group in Northern Kentucky, facilitated by Jason.  They are using the NOOMA videos by Rob Bell.  If you have never scene one...you should.  They are thought provoking and challenge you.  We are very excited about this new group and can't wait to see what God does through this fellowship. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

An opportunity to Trust....

Wednesday brought unexpected news to our family.  I had taken Jaron and Jacob to the eye doctor.  Jacob had been complaining that his eyes hurt for quite a while and Jaron had failed an eye test at school.  Jacob tested fine and no problem was found, but Jaron was diagnosed with Amblyopia in his left eye.  I guess his brain has stopped using his left eye and without treatment he will lose all vision in that eye.  Its not that the eye is bad, its the problem with the connection between the eye and the brain.  It is not noticeable, his brain has disregarded the left eye and only takes in what the right eye is seeing.  Jaron didn't even know there was a problem.  So now we are going forward aggressively to try and reverse what is happening.  Jaron will have his right eye patched for four hours a day to try and make his brain use the left eye.  He will also be getting glasses to help improve the vision of the left eye.  We will do the patching daily and in three months he will get a check-up to see what progress has been made.  Our prayer is that there is progress and that his brain will reconnect and heal the left eye.  Jaron is our son and it is so hard to not worry, but we have been given an opportunity not only to trust God, but to teach Jaron to trust God no matter the outcome.  Please pray for our hearts, that we are able to put complete trust in our Lord and please pray for Jaron's eye.  To God be the Glory.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Halfway to Goal!!!!!!!

As of January 1st, we are halfway to our goal for Jason's Israel Stewardship trip.  We are humbled by the support of sponsorship and prayers that have come in from our family and friends.  It is amazing how you have unselfishly shared in our joy.  Thank you for being a part of this.  No words can express how you have touched us and encouraged us.  Our prayer is that God will use this experience to bless each of you and many others. 


January 10th makes it official.  Jason is a pastoral intern for Grace Communion International.  Jason still feels that it is crazy that after all this time he is getting the opportunity to do what he has always been passionate for.  I am so proud of him for never giving up on this dream and trusting God with all the details.  It has been an ever challenging journey getting to this point and we both realize that the internship and training will be a new journey.  We praise God for all the trials that sharpened our faith and truly challenged us to grow.  We praise Him for His grace and mercy along the way when we failed to respond.  We ask that He will take our hands as we embark upon this Journey and that we will stay tuned to His will.