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Friday, January 21, 2011

An opportunity to Trust....

Wednesday brought unexpected news to our family.  I had taken Jaron and Jacob to the eye doctor.  Jacob had been complaining that his eyes hurt for quite a while and Jaron had failed an eye test at school.  Jacob tested fine and no problem was found, but Jaron was diagnosed with Amblyopia in his left eye.  I guess his brain has stopped using his left eye and without treatment he will lose all vision in that eye.  Its not that the eye is bad, its the problem with the connection between the eye and the brain.  It is not noticeable, his brain has disregarded the left eye and only takes in what the right eye is seeing.  Jaron didn't even know there was a problem.  So now we are going forward aggressively to try and reverse what is happening.  Jaron will have his right eye patched for four hours a day to try and make his brain use the left eye.  He will also be getting glasses to help improve the vision of the left eye.  We will do the patching daily and in three months he will get a check-up to see what progress has been made.  Our prayer is that there is progress and that his brain will reconnect and heal the left eye.  Jaron is our son and it is so hard to not worry, but we have been given an opportunity not only to trust God, but to teach Jaron to trust God no matter the outcome.  Please pray for our hearts, that we are able to put complete trust in our Lord and please pray for Jaron's eye.  To God be the Glory.

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  1. We will be praying for you guys and for Jaron's eye to heal. Absolutely, to God be the glory!!

    We love you all!